Thai Arm Chair
Thai Lounge Chair
Victorian Marble Top Washstand
Fire Screens
Arts & Crafts Mission Style Hat Stand
NSW Railway Luggage Rack Original
Rexanola Gramaphone, SOLD
Melbourne Chair Company Kangaroo Chair
Oak Leadlight Bookcase _ Display
Oak Leadlight Bookcase, 96 cms wide x 129 cms high x 30 cms deep
Price $995.00
Art Deco Bow Front China Cabinet
Art Deco Bow Front China Cabinet Price $395.00
Retro Twin Flexible Neck Standard Lamp
Retro, Vintage Twin Flexible Arm Standard Lamp on Timber Base with Bubble Shades in working order Price reduced to $295.00
Art Deco Traymobile Chrome with Wheel Co
Art Deco Tray Mobile lots of Chrome with Classic Wheel Spats
Price $295.00.
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