Northern Territory Buffalo
Taxidermy Northern Territory Water Buffalo Head.
Shot in Arnhem Land, 1987.
Antique Matchlock Rifle
Fine 18th C. Mughal Indo-Persian Matchlock Rifle c. 1750.
6 foot long
Price: SOLD
J.H Stewart Microscope
All Brass, 406 strand cased Microscope.
Price $1,800.00
Plate Camera
Victorian Period Plate camera c.1880.
Price: SOLD
Cruiser Attack Disc
Captain Dreyer's Cruiser Attack Disc.
This cased disc was issued to the Flotilla Commander of the Destroyer.
Price: $295
Made by Elliot Brothers, London.
R. & J. Beck Microscope
Cased Microscope, signed R. & J. Beck, L.T.D. 2818.
Measures 11 3/4" in height when closed.
Consists of rack and pinion coarse focus and fine focus.
Price: $895
British Ericsson Wall Phone
Made in c.1920.
This wall phone was refurnished and re wired to receive incoming calls on the 19th of April, 2001.
Price: $650
Sinclair Motor Oil Drum
Made in c.1927.
Price: SOLD
Holy Communion Wafer Machine
Rare Religious Holy Communion Wafer Machine.
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